Why Work At Oilenco?

Invaluable Experience

Learn & Develop




Demand for Oilenco’s services has increased yearly since the company was established in 2008. So as the workload increases, Oilenco periodically look for new employees to join the team here at Westhill.

Here at Oilenco, we look for enthusiastic individuals with a passion for challenging design and taking a hands on approach to learning and developing.

A job at Oilenco is an opportunity to learn from the best and achieve your full potential. There will be many opportunities to grow within the Oilenco team, through training opportunities and invaluable experiences.

If this sounds like you and you want to find out what opportunities we have here at Oilenco, please check the Vacancies section on our website for more information on current positions available here at Oilenco.