The Problem

The Well in question has a very tortuous path ranging from 62 degrees deviation from 5000ft to 72 degrees deviation at 10,000ft. Beyond 10,000ft the deviation averages 67 deg.

The area of interest to the client for logging was at 23,500ft to 21,500ft at 67 degrees deviation. Within the well is a 4 ½” liner top at 17,682ft which has been damaged over the years from interventions. Ultimately a bespoke Oilenco roller sub has been used to gain entry into the liner. During the Logging operation the toolstring became stuck between the WEG and the liner top within the 7” liner section of which 14ft is exposed. The Survey Tool Release Mechanism was activated leaving the toolstring down hole.

The Release Mechanism which was utilised to leave the Survey Tooling downhole leaves a 1.187" Fish Neck with a square shoulder. Given the Deviation at this depth this could prove very difficult to get a Pulling Tool to latch this Fish Neck.

Oilenco was contacted to provide a solution for retrieving the Survey Toolstring given the problematic liner top area.

What we did?

Engineered a concept of a Solution based on the Oilenco Orientation Tool Carrier which the client had similar success with on a previous well however this time it was an Overshot Design.

Worked closed with the Survey Tool provider to ensure we Latched the Tool in the strongest area to prevent further damage.

The Concept was accepted and upon completion of manufacturing the Client witnessed successful Trials of the Tool at Oilenco premises. This showcased how the Tool worked in deviation as well as entering different ID's.

As well as the Primary Pulling Tool Oilenco supplied an Orietation Tool Carrier which would hold Heavy Duty Pulling Tools to latch External Fish Necks should this issue occur during the operation.

The Results

The Value to the Client was the Well was cleared of the Survey Tooling prior to the Rig Skidding over the Slot. This resulted in a large cost saving to allow the Rig to progress as per the Plug and Abandonoment Program/schedule.

First run in hole with the Oilenco overshot which latched first time.