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In 2015 Oilenco engineers were challenged to develop a new well isolation plug that could be set within the annulus (and now production bore) profile of a subsea tubing hanger. The brief included an expanding type seal element.

The hybrid plug was developed with the expanding seal element which allows the simplicity of a blanking plug in terms of deployment and method of sealing but the integrity assurance of a bridge plug. The plug runs under gauge downhole until it hits the 'no go' where it then can be set using the expanding seal technology, this avoids any damage to the seals.

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Gii V3


The Gas ingress isolation Valve (GiiV) was developed in 2017 to be a means automatically preventing hydrocarbon retunrs from entering the hydraulic system.

Due to the nature of the GiiV, it 'taps' into the existing safety valve hydraulic control system, it was vital we could demonstrate that the GiiV is both safe and reliable so it underwent a stringent testing cycle. In 2018 the GiiV had it's first offshore trial in 'real' offshore conditions and since then it has gone from strength to strength.

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