If you have a design project idea that you would like to see turned into a 3D conceptual model – Oilenco can help. 3D modelling is a cost effective way to communicate your developed ideas before committing to prototype manufacturing.


The Oilenco workshop, situated in Westhill, has in‐house facilities to test tooling ready for operational use. We are also able to offer training to those who will be operating the tooling, to ensure that they are competent in the handling and functionality of the tool.


Oilenco have a extensive rental fleet of well intervention tooling available to support our clients. Fully tested in our in-house facility and ready for operational use, our tools can be mobilised immediately.

Case Studies

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Our customers know what they want to achieve but sometimes they just don’t have the means at hand to do so. In these instances we can provide the experience and knowledge required to deliver the right solutions, first time.

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