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Soak Sleeve & Syringe

The Oilenco soak sleeve & syringe is a downhole safety valve chemical treatment system.

  • Restores functionality of the downhole safety valve
  • Provides the means of precisely spotting a concentrated chemical solution across the valve
  • Deployed on slickline
  • A one-run syringe system is available for subsea operations

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Exercise Tool

For situations where the TRSV is suspected of not returning to its original position, the Oilenco exercise tool can be used to add additional mechanical force to assist the movement of the flow tube.

  • Helps 'exercise' a sticking flow tube to regain safety valve integrity
  • Steel balls grip the inside of the flow tube, but do not deform it
  • Run on slickline
  • Incorporates a fail-safe disconnection system should the release system fail
  • Can suit a wide range of safety valve models from various manufacturers

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Bullheading Jetting Sleeve

The bullheading jetting sleeve is a dual technology scale treatment tool that combines traditional soak methods and targeted jetting.

  • Multi-jet sub system targets critical components within the TRSV
  • Repeatable process of pump, soak, pump, soak...
  • Slickline deployed, minimum intervention
  • Constant replenishment of scale treatment fluid

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Wire Brushes

Oilenco have developed a range of wire brushes, including the wire roller brush and wire wheel brush, designed to offer a slickline deployed method of scale removal and cleaning of completion assemblies.

  • Cleaning, deburring, scale removal, fine polishing and smoothing
  • Robust designs
  • Providing full 360 degree coverage

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Safety Valve Check Tool

The Oilenco safety valve check tool, or flapper check tool as sometimes known, is an effective solution for verifying the status of a downhole safety valve flapper prior to running wireline past the TRSV.

  • Confirms safety valve flapper position
  • Push rods provide a visual indication of flapper status when the tool is recovered to surface

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