The Problem (Operational Overview)

Objective: To assist in the Retrieval and Breakout of Large Bore Straddles using Heavy Duty Equipment.

A Southern North Sea client had two wells where they had operational issues retrieving 7” Straddles.  They firstly attempted to pull these on standard mechanical methods without success.  They then had to find a heavy duty solution and tools capable of performing this with larger forces.

Welltec Fishing

What we did

Oilenco engineers designed and developed a Heavy Duty Pulling tool and spear to complement the equipment being utilised by the service provider.  The tool design had to be able to withstand forces of over 100k on e-line.  As part of the anchoring system it was required to provide a space out assembly to anchor in the correct ID of the completion.  Oilenco designed a large rollerised sleeve assembly which allowed for the tools to be anchored and the necessary force delivered to achieve a successful operation.

Handling equipment was designed and supplied specifically to the straddle design. This was to ensure the breakout of the recovered tools at surface was simple and safe.

Demonstration of the tools was carried out at the client’s premises to test the tools in a mock up scenario, this was completed to the highest standard.  Following this onshore test, the equipment was returned to Oilenco base where they were inspected to ensure no stress was caused on the tool and supported the design for Heavy Duty operations.  The tools were then redressed in a short timeframe to be ready for the call out at the clients demand.

'A big thanks to the Oilenco team for their help on this project from start to finish. The support and tools were perfect! The operation was flawless.'

The Result

On both wells the upper straddle section was successfully latched on the first attempt and pulled on a sustained linear pull successfully as per operational planning.  The Lower section was then retrieved successfully allowing the client to continue their operational work scope.

Upon completion of this job the Operator is now looking at other wells that they have had straddle issues with to pull next year with the service provider’s technology and the Oilenco solution.