Today we are celebrating a milestone for Oilenco’s Hybrid Technology - our 100th Hybrid Plug installation.

Oilenco launched the first Hybrid Plug in 2016 to overcome the challenges of conventional plugging methods. We wanted to create a solution that had the simplicity of a blanking plug but with the integrity assurance of a bridge plug, which we achieved through a mechanically activated expandable seal technology, and so the Hybrid technology was born.

The first Hybrid Plug was developed for the annulus bore. As this version built a strong run history we began developing a production bore version to primarily be set in tubing hangers. We now hold a large rental fleet in a wide range of specifications to provide an agile response as well as custom engineered orders.

It is fair to say that a product is never fully finished. Therefore, since its inception the Hybrid Plug has undergone regular advancements, such as increasing the working pressure rating capabilities, introducing a high deviation version and developing a pressure wave valve that supports remote opening.

Most recently, we have applied the same expanding seal technology on our Hybrid Safety Valve Straddle. The sealing technology was progressed to enable simultaneous expansion of the seals on both ends of the straddle.

It’s very humbling to reflect on the evolution of our Hybrid technology and celebrate this milestone for the pioneering product in the Hybrid range. By the time we published this piece the 110th Hybrid was successfully set and tested!

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