During abandonment operations, a client contacted Oilenco upon loss of control of their subsurface safety valve and a lost punch toolstring and wire downhole. Whilst preparing fishing operations to retrieve the items, the client discovered a 7-8ft tubing break in the 5 1/2" tubing below the tubing hanger. Due to this being an abandonment project, the client was not able to achieve minimum safe abandonment depth without retrieving the toolstring and wire, therefore it was necessary to create a well barrier across the tubing break. Oilenco designed a bespoke intervention snake that not only created a conduit between the parted tubing sections, but also allowed the wire to be pulled through the intervention snake, rather than pulling it through the parted tubing, allowing fishing operations to take place.

This project resulted in collaboration between a North Sea operator and Oilenco to design a bespoke intervention tool to achieve the required solution. Oilenco personnel was mobilised to the client asset to support the operation. Upon deployment and setting of the snake and a successful fishing operation, which was achievable in one run, the intervention snake remained in place to allow the client access to the well to continue abandonment operations.

Click here to watch a video about the project: Solving a parted tubing challenge with a bespoke intervention snake solution.

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