Advanced Stinger Tool

Wellhead Fitting Control

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Oilenco provide a complete surface wellhead stinger service kit for routine bleeding and testing of wellhead fittings.

The Oilenco Stinger Service Tool is a universal system that can be utilised for stinging operations on most christmas tree and wellhead adaptor spools.

Once the check valve measurements have been taken the appropriate stinger stem is selected. The device is then connected to the check valve using the appropriate crossover. By rotating the stinger stem the check valve will be pushed off seat allowing pressure to be vented. Once operations are complete the stinger can be backed off allowing the check valve to reseat. Should the valve fail to reseat the Oilenco Stinger tool incorporates a secondary ball valve isolation. This can be closed ensuring a barrier is in place to allow the stinger to be removed. A service cap can then be fitted ensuring a dual isolation is in place on completion of operations.

Well Stinger Tech 2 Png

- Adaptors available to suit most check valves

- Interchangeable stems to suit most check valves

- Controlled stinging of check valves

- Reduced safety hazards

- Ball check valve allows stinger to be removed should check valve fail to reseat

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