Well Torque

Breaking out seized threaded connections

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The Oilenco Wellhead Hydraulic Torque Tool provides a light & portable, yet very robust means of breaking out seized threaded connections.

The system is supplied as a series of components that can be easily transported and assembled at the worksite making the system suitable for use in restricted access areas, such as around wellheads. The system has the flexibility to handle connections with different diameters and by the means of a hydraulic ram, can develop large amounts of localised torque. The system operates autonomously and therefore does not require a power supply such as air or electric.

The system consists of a primary Anchor Clamp, a Chain Clamp, a hydraulic ram and a high pressure hand pump. The Anchor Clamp is attached to the largest available diameter, thereby creating a solid fixed anchor point. The Chain Clamp is attached to the anchor clamp via the hydraulic ram, connecting the two clamps together. Finally, everything is tightened and the hand pump connected. Working from a safe distance, the operator is able to apply torque across the threaded connection. Furthermore, throughout the process, the operator remains a safe distance away from any moving parts or potential pinch points.

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- Flexibility to handle connections with different diameters

- Light & portable

- Easily transported and assembled at the worksite

- Autonomous operation

– No air or power required

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