Fishing Claw

Oilenco have developed a brand new and innovative fishing tool. In response to customer requests for an alternative to Alligator Grab fishing tools, the new Fishing Claw was designed from the ground up as a versatile and robust tool for fishing all kinds of difficult downhole targets.

A single large die spring is charged with snapping the three jaws shut in a lurching action, triggered by the fish striking the central trigger button. Once an object has been grabbed, the claw's grip will tighten as the pulling force increases.

The tool can be quickly reset and re-run, with no redress, disassembly or shearing elements required.

The protrusion of the trigger button can be adjusted, as can the spring force, to best suit your fishing scenario.

  • Fish difficult downhole targets
  • Alternative to Alligator Grab
  • Once engaged the claw's grip tightens as pulling force increases
  • Adjustable trigger button to suit various fishing scenarios

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