Micro Spears

Small internal diameter fishing tools

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  • Micro Spears Alpha 1

Oilenco have developed a range of Micro Spears, designed specifically for catching very small internal diameters.

The Micro Spear can be run on a conventional pulling tool. It has no built-in releasing mechanism, it simply plants a Fish Neck onto the fish. The Micro Spear is a very compact & robust tool.

The unique design maximises the overall strength of the tool. For fishing operations where a shallow catch is required, the Micro Spear has a removable guide nose to increase the penetration depth. Bespoke Micro Spears can be designed to suit non-conventional fishing scenarios such as gas lift valve recovery from side pocket mandrels.

Micro Spears Tech 1

- Simplifies difficult fishing operations

- Ideal for small ID fishing

- Options for shallow catching

- Standard range & bespoke options

- Maximum strength design

- Adds a Fish Neck to the fish

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