High Expansion Junk Catcher

Unique solution for collecting & containing wellbore debris

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  • Hi Ex Junkcatcher Hero 900

The unique ‘petal’ design allows the top of the junk catcher to open, creating a funnel shaped aperture. As a result, any falling debris is funnelled into the body of the junk catcher and contained.

To recover the junk catcher, a retrieval tool is deployed which collapses the petals during engagement, allowing safe retrieval to surface. To meet operational requirements, the junk catcher can be deployed and set on either slickline or e-line with the use of a setting tool. Recovery of the junk catcher is by slickline only.

The junk catcher was primarily developed to complement the increasing demand for medium and high expansion retrievable bridge plugs. The junk catcher expansion ratio is typically 1.3:1 (e.g. 3.600” Junk Catcher can produce a 4.750” dia. funnel). For the majority of cases, the funnel OD can be matched to the tubing ID.

The petals are manufactured from a specialised reinforced polyamide compound. This material provides a tough & durable component, with good chemical resistance to typical downhole conditions (including H2S), up to maximum of 150°C. However in the unlikely event of a mechanical failure, the petals can be deliberately broken down with relative ease.

Hi Exspansion Junkcatcher Tech 1

- Provides a superior debris collecting system

- High expansion ratios, typically matched to the tubing ID*

- Deployed on slickline or on e-line

- Protects the fish neck profile of the bridge plug set below

- Non-metallic petal design to maximise recoverability

- Complements the increasing use of high expansion bridge plugs

*depending on wellbore restrictions

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