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Downhole scale & debris removal tool

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The Oilenco scraper tool is a fully adjustable downhole scale and debris removal tool that can be set to any specific diameter and precisely adjusted to suit downhole conditions.

The scraper tool has a unique ‘anti-jamming’ feature that allows the cutting teeth to ‘relax’ during upward motion.

The tools are nominally sized to suit standard tubing sizes and are supplied with a set of cutting teeth to cover the entire tubing range plus any common restrictions.

The tool offers an effective and efficient method of scale removal, effortlessly removing small amounts of material with each pass. Not only is this method more efficient, it also prolongs the sharpness of the cutting teeth.


  • Anti-jamming feature
  • Size adjustable
  • 360° scraper coverage
  • Sampling cup can be attached to capture samples of scale


The scraper tool should be set to a diameter marginally bigger than the last known drift diameter. The tool is then run into the well and worked through any tight spots in the affected tubing area.

Once clear, the tool is returned to the surface, and the diameter slightly increased by rotating the adjustment ring. The tool is redeployed and again worked through any tight spots in the tubing. This process is repeated until the scale has been completely removed.


  • Teeth material:
    • Specification: AISI 4145 API 6A PSL 3 induction hardened
    • Coating: titanium nitride (TIN)
  • Teeth hardness:
    • Core: 450-500HV, 45-50HRC
    • Coating: 2300HV, 85HRC


Read how the Oilenco scraper tool was used in a TRSSSV reinstatement project within the Oilenco scale remedial package.

For more information regarding the scraper tool, call Oilenco on +44 (0)1224 548700, email or click the 'Enquire Now' button below to complete the enquiry form.

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