Hybrid Lock Mandrel - Annulus Bore

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The Oilenco hybrid lock mandrel is a high performance well isolation barrier that uses our mechanical expanding hybrid seal technology.

The lock mandrel provides a 'best of both worlds' approach as it has the integrity assurance of a bridge plug sealing element, but with the simple operation of a conventional lock mandrel.

The hybrid sealing technology ensures that the seals are run below gauge of the hybrid lock mandrel. Once located in the well bore, the hybrid lock mandrel is set and the seals energised by downward jarring. This engages the locking keys in the profile and allows the seals to energise in the seal bore.


  • Bi-directional sealing and integrity assurance due to proven sealing technology
  • Seals run under gauge to prevent damage to seals during setting
  • Reduced run requirements - 1 run to set and 1 run to recover
  • Hybrid expandable seal technology
  • Positive indication that plug is correctly set
  • Uses existing landing nipple profile
  • Easily field redressable


  • Models for production and annulus bore
  • Models to suit all landing nipple suppliers from 2 3/8" to 7"
  • Pressure ratings qualified from 5,000 to 15,000 psi - subject to landing nipple type
  • Temperature qualified from -10 degree C to 150 degree C, HPHT seals are available


  • Flow-through applications - can be crossed over to remote opening devices
  • Can be run with the pressure wave valve
  • Well barrier during well maintenance and workovers
  • Plug and abandonment (P&A) workscopes
  • Plug and lubricate (P&L) workscopes

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