Pressure Wave Valve

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The pressure wave valve (PWV) is an intervention free, open on demand, equalising device that can be fitted to lock mandrels and bridge plugs. Once activated, the PWV provides a large through-bore with excellent pump though capability.

The system functions purely on a mechanical hydraulic principle. The internal mechanism operates only when it senses a 'wave' of applied pressure; i.e. starting from a low pressure range, increasing to an upper pressure, and then returning back to a low pressure. This sequence counts as one 'wave'. By repeating this sequence several times, the valve will open and provide a large through bore.

The operation of the valve is non-time dependent. The first two 'waves' can be carried out within minutes of each other and the remainder several months (or even years) later. The operating parameters of the PWV are not effected by changes in the wellbore pressures below.

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