Pressure Wave Valve

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The pressure wave valve (PWV) is an intervention free, open-on-demand, equalising device that can be fitted to lock mandrels and bridge plugs to provide a large through-bore once activated.


With excellent pump-through capability, the system functions purely on a mechanical hydraulic principle. The internal mechanism operates only when it senses a 'wave' of applied pressure i.e. starting from a low pressure range, increasing to an upper pressure, and then returning back to a low pressure. This sequence counts as one 'wave'. By repeating this sequence several times to the pre-set values, the valve will open and provide a large through-bore.


  • Intervention-free method of opening a circulation path
  • Activation pressure cycles can be minutes or years apart
  • Equalising without wireline, reduces intervention runs - saves rig time and reduces risk
  • No electrics, batteries or other time-limited components
  • No well specific setups required
  • Hydrostatic balanced
  • Can be fitted to any flow control device
  • Modular debris management system

The operation of the valve is non-time dependent. The first two 'waves' can be carried out within minutes of each other and the remainder several months, or even years later. The operating parameters of the PWV are not affected by changes in the wellbore pressures below.


  • Provides a large through-bore when opened
  • Functions purely on a mechanical hydraulic principle
  • Activated by sending a 'wave' of applied pressure (low-high-low)
  • Different pressure cycle activation ranges available
  • Flexible deployment options; Oilenco hybrid plug, lock mandrels or bridge plugs
  • Can be pre-installed onshore for completion operations
  • Can be retrieved with the tubing during workovers
  • No dedicated personnel required on location to operate
  • Available for production and annulus bores


  • Plug and abandonment (P&A) workscopes
  • New completions
  • Workovers

To discuss your application or to speak to one of our engineers about the pressure wave valve, call +44 (0)1224 548700 or email

Pressure Wave Valve Chart

This example is based on 6 cycles and a 1,000 to 3,000 psi range.

Different configurations are available.

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