Hybrid Plug - Annulus

High Performance Well Isolation Barrier

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The Oilenco Hybrid Plug provides a secure, high performance well isolation barrier, when compared to conventional plugging methods, it offers significant operational advantages and improved integrity assurance. The Hybrid Plug combines the simplicity of a regular blanking plug, but with the integrity assurance of a bridge plug.

For example, during a tree change out, the production and annulus bores requires the installation of either a blanking plug (set in a nipple profile) or a bridge plug. Either method has distinct advantages and it's disadvantages. Blanking plugs have the obvious advantage of simplicity, both in terms of deployment and method of sealing (V Packings). However, a pressure test from above does not constitute pressure integrity from below. Alternatively, a bridge plug features an expanding element, therefore, a pressure test from above provides reasonable assurance of pressure integrity from below. Operationally, setting a bridge plug will require the use of relatively sophisticated setting equipment and skilled personnel.

The Oilenco Hybrid Plug is set and retrieved on slickline and uses an existing landing nipple profile within the tubing hanger. Using a dedicated mechanical setting tool, the plug is initially locked into the nipple profile.

Hybrid Plug Tech 2

- Simple mechanical design requires no sophisticated setting equipment

- Innovative seal design provides bi-directional sealing and integrity assurance

- Field redress-able

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