Wire Roller Brush

Simple scale removal solution

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The Oilenco Wire Roller Brush has been designed to offer a slickline deployed method of scale removal and cleaning of completion assemblies.

The brush provides an effective means of cleaning, deburring and removing scale from a range of completion components, varying from safety valves to landing nipple seal bores. The wheels offer rotation in both directions which allows the tool to effectively remove scale and maximise deburring of damaged seal bores.

The spring loaded wire wheels ensure no scoring occurs to the seal bores, whilst providing a honed type finish.

Available to suit a range of nominal tubing and casing sizes.

Wire Roller Brush Tech 2

- Simple scale removal solution 

- Simple assembly and redress 

- No additional personnel required

- Robust design 

- Full 360° coverage 

- More effective than traditional wire brushes

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