Junk Catcher Running Tool (E-Line)

Single run on E-Line

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The Oilenco E-Line ‘GS’ Fish Neck Running Tool allows tools with ‘GS’ Fish Necks to be deployed with a standard E-Line setting tool.

The Running Tool is made up to the E-Line setting tool with an adapter kit, more commonly for E-4 #10 & #20 type connections. A device with a standard ‘GS’ internal fishing neck can then be latched to the running tool, such as a junk catcher. When the setting tool is activated, the Running Tool releases the ‘GS’ fish neck. As the majority of bridge plugs are run on E-line, the E-Line ‘GS’ Running Tool allows a standard Junk Catcher to be run immediately, without switching the rig-up to Slickline. This is especially valuable in cases where E-line is already rigged up and it will take longer to switch to a slickline rig-up than it would to deploy the same junk catcher on E-line.

Eline Running Tool Tech

- Avoids the need to switch between E-Line/Slickline rig-up’s.

- Fits industry standard bridge plug setting tools.

- Compatible with standard GS Necks.

- Simple assembly and operation.

- Supplied with calibrated shear pins

- Quick latch/unlatch to GS Fish Neck

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