E-Line Drop Off Sleeve

E-Line Method for Setting DHSV Protection Sleeves

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  • Eline Dropoff Sleeve Hero 900

The Oilenco E-line Drop Off Sleeve has been designed to offer an alternative method for setting Down Hole Safety Valve (DHSV) protection sleeves.

The E-line Drop Off Sleeve eliminates the requirement for rigging up slickline to set a DHSV sleeve prior to conducting E-line operations. When the sleeve no-go locates the nipple profile, simple up-down movement of the toolstring allows the internal indexing mechanism to rotate.

The running tool will then disengage from the sleeve allowing the toolstring to continue into the wellbore. Upon pulling out of the well, the running tool will self-orientate into the sleeve allowing retrieval to surface.

Eline Dropoff Sleeve Tech

- Run on E-line

- Designed to suit any nipple profile

- Internal GS profile also incorporated into design

- Protects DHSV seal bores

- Simple installation

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