Telescopic Stem

Adjustable Stem for Well Intervention

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  • Telescopic Stem 900

The Oilenco Telescopic Stem is a simple yet effective solution to offer adjustable stem for well intervention.

Where the space out between two toolstring components is absolutely critical, the Telescopic Stem can be adjusted by turning the knurled sleeve. Once at the desired length, the sleeve is locked in position.

Examples of Telescopic Stem applications:

  • Space out between a No Go sub and a tubing cutting device when cutting downhole assemblies. Precise positioning of a bridge plug in relation to a known restriction in the well, where the setting depth is critical.
Telescopic Stem Tech Png 1

- Allows precise shortening or lengthening of the toolstring

- Can be adjusted whilst connected to the toolstring

- Adjusts to desired length

- Simple operation

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