Stinger Tool

Stinger Tool

Compact universal & high pressure

The Oilenco Stinger Service Kit is a universal system for high pressure stinging operations, including routine bleeding and testing of wellhead fittings. The kit has a high-pressure rating of 15,000 psi and allows controlled venting of pressure. This is a modular system - made up of interchangeable adapters and stems to suit most common check valves.

  • Wide range of adapter and stems to suit most check valves
  • 15,000 psi pressure rating
  • Controlled stinging of check valves

Once the check valve measurements have been taken the appropriate stinger stem is selected. The stinger device is then connected to the check valve using the appropriate adapter. Rotating the stinger stem to push the check valve off-seat allows controlled venting of pressure. Once operations are complete the stinger is then backed off and the check valve can reseat.

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