Tubing End Locator

Re-Setting Locating Device

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The Oilenco Tubing End locator is an automatically re-setting locator device which permits the operator to make unlimited attempts at verifying the end of the tubing without having to recover the tools to surface for redress.

The 45 degree shoulders of the Tubing End locator keys provide resistance to the passage of the toolstring which can be observed as an over-pull at surface by the winch operator. The value of this overpull can be adjusted down if desired by removing one or more balls and springs from the latch trigger. Once the resistance value of the latch springs is overcome the Tubing End locator keys collapse and the toolstring passes back inside the end of the tubing. It is also possible to land the Tubing End locator off on a lower break provided that the tool weight below the spang jar does not exceed the collapse force of the keys in the downward direction. This can be repeated as many times as necessary to verify consistent depths are being observed.

Tubing End Locator Tech 1

- Automatically re-sets, no requirement for redress between tagging attempts

- Collapse force of the Tubing End locator keys can be adjusted to reduce the maximum required overpull

- Can be used to tag both top and bottom of broken tubing

- Available for 4.5” and 5.5” tubing sizes

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