A spring energised sealing system

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  • Xpac Seal Alpha 4

Oilenco introduce a step change in downhole sealing technology with the XPAC spring energised sealing system.

The unique seal design integrates specialised high grade elastomers and polymers to deliver a robust sealing solution that is resilient to damaged seal bores. When compared with traditional V packings, the XPAC is far less susceptible to seal damage when entering a seal bore and therefore greatly increases the likelihood of establishing and maintaining a high pressure seal.

The seal elastomer includes a specialised H-NBR compound optimised for oil & gas well applications and features resistance to RGD (rapid gas decompression) or ED (explosive decompression). This compound has undergone stringent NORSOK M-710 validation testing for RGD resistance and sour gas (H2S) premature ageing.

The XPAC Seal System can be retrofitted to existing lock mandrels and wireline retrievable safety valves.

Xpac Seal Tech

- Resilient to damaged seal bores

- Resistant to RGD & ED

- Retrofittable to existing lock mandrels and safety valves

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