Protection Sleeve

Seal Bore Protection

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Oilenco offer a range of Protection Sleeves from the standard no-go or snap collet to the more advanced lock-in type mechanisms.

The downhole safety valve protection sleeve has been designed to provide a temporary means of holding open the flapper, whilst also protecting the seal bores from wire damage.

The Oilenco Set Indicator Prong can be used to confirm that the sleeve is securely locked into the nipple profile.

Available Types:

• Lock In Sleeves

• Large Bore ID Sleeves (5-1/2'' & 4-1/2'' Sizes)

• Isolation Sleeves

• Drop Off Sleeves

• Coiled Tubing Deployed Sleeves

Protection Sleeve Tech Png

- Seal bore protection

- Simple installation and retrieval with the Oilenco Running/Pulling Package

- Specialised lifting clamps, deck stands and C-plates available to ensure safe handling

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