The Problem

Objective to investigate the TRSV failure, restore TRSV functionality and reinstate well integrity.

During a platform well integrity test the TRSV failed the 6-monthly integrity test. The TRSV was functioned numerous times with no success, which led to having a specific timeframe to rectify the problem. The well was a level 3 severity rating, which states the well should be repaired at the earliest opportunity, within 3 months.

The client then wished to exhaust every option possible as the well in question was a valuable producer. The options were to brush the safety valve in case of a proppant, scale/debris build-up, soak the safety valve area with chemicals to displace any proppant etc., exercise the safety valve to attempt to reinstate functionality, lock open the TRSV to then set an WRSV insert valve.

A massive challenge to the client was this platform was being unmanned. Due to daily shuttling, circa 7 hours operational time was planned for.

"Thanks again for great support and service.

- Client quote

What We Did

​Oilenco proposed a Safety Valve Investigation Package which included a Wire Roller Brush c/w No-Go sub, Safety Valve Check Tool, Soak Sleeve Syringe Tool

Demonstration of the tools was carried out at the Oilenco facility where the clients concern of passing safety valve flappers were acknowledged and subsequently dismissed after the drifting of the TRSV.

Following a camera run and various operational discussions it was agreed to run the Oilenco wire roller brush to attempt to dislodge proppant which was clearly evident from the camera footage. Following this attempt the TRSV valve was still not operational and holding a leak off test. The decision was then made to run the Oilenco soak sleeve syringe. The proppant was displaced by the diesels which was syringed into the annular space of the soak sleeve to lubricate the safety valve flow tube overnight. The TRSV flow tube showed positive movement whilst the soak sleeve was installed.

Following pulling the soak sleeve, the exercise tool was run. Once latched onto the flow tube, the TRSV flow tube functionality was reinstated without any jarring. The TRSV successfully passed a leak off test to complete the successful operation.

The Results

Planned Time vs Actual Time summary was 11.62 days ahead of planned AFE