Soak Sleeve & Syringe

Restores functionality of the downhole safety valve

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The Oilenco Soak Sleeve and Syringe is a downhole safety valve chemical treatment system.

The Soak Sleeve and Syringe provides a means of precisely spotting a concentrated chemical solution across a downhole safety valve. Initially, the Soak Sleeve is deployed across the downhole safety valve, creating a sealed annulus between the Sleeve and safety valve. The Syringe is then filled with the relevant chemical and deployed into the Soak Sleeve. The chemical is then expelled into the annulus and left to soak across the affected areas of the safety valve. Leaving the Sleeve in place, additional Syringe runs can be completed with fresh chemicals as required.

A one run Syringe System is available for subsea operations.

Soak Sleeve Tech

- Downhole safety valve chemical treatments system

- Restores functionality of the downhole safety valve

- Deployed on slickline

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