Gas Ingress Isolation Valve

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The Gas Ingress Isolation Valve (GiiV) is a unique system that acts as a safety barrier preventing gas entering the well control units. The GiiV allows safe, continued production in wells with compromised control line integrity.

The main advantage of the GiiV is there is no requirement for intervention to lock-out the tubing retrievable subsurface safety valve (TRSSSV) to set an insert valve where gas ingress into the control line is apparent.


  • Completely automatic - opening and closing
  • Activated by low system pressure
  • Automatically reopens during re-pressurisation of the control system
  • Manages gas ingress safely
  • Long-term, low maintenance solution


In an emergency shutdown (ESD), the downhole safety valve control line provides a potential conduit between the well and the hydraulic control system. Should control line integrity at the downhole safety valve fail, hydrocarbon gas can migrate through the control line.


The GiiV can be positioned anywhere in the hydraulic line and connects directly into the control system. The GiiV operates in complete autonomy, driven only by integral system pressure. During an ESD, the GiiV switches into a non-return valve, activated by very low system pressure. The GiiV will automatically reopen during the re-pressurisation of the control system allowing operations and production to continue. The process is fully autonomous, and the valve can be left to function repeatedly with minimal maintenance.


When a North Sea operator discovered gas seeping through a failed seal at the TRSSSV and accumulating at their hydraulic power unit during a routine test, they categorised it as a severe risk should an emergency shutdown situation arise. Click here to read how the gas ingress isolation valve provided a fully autonomous solution and acted as a safety barrier to isolate the control line without human intervention.


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