When an oil and gas field reaches the end of its economic life, the lengthy and costly decommissioning process begins. With regulatory milestones and cost reduction targets in place for decommissioning, operators look to the supply chain to help bring cost efficiencies to their processes through better accessibility, collaboration, and evolution of technology.

"...each well can present unique and demanding challenges..."

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Well plug and abandonment (P&A) can be one of the most expensive phases of the decommissioning process, having significant cost implications for the operator.

Oilenco recognises that during decommissioning, each well can present unique and demanding challenges, the situation from one well to the next is never the same. As our engineering team have worked directly in the field, their knowledge and experience of assets allows Oilenco to develop enhanced P&A solutions that increases efficiency and reduces the cost of operations, whilst maintaining well integrity and safety critical processes.

Our approach to providing unique solutions for P&A operations can be seen throughout our product development. Whilst pressure wave valves have a recognised run history, Oilenco identified technological improvements required to ensure this product continues to create efficiencies for P&A operations. The Oilenco pressure wave valve not only helps reduce intervention runs, requiring less rig time and reducing cost, it has an integrated debris management solution that enhances the capabilities of the tool, ensuring reliability.

Providing dependable, simple solutions also aids in cost reduction. The Oilenco hybrid plug uses 'hybrid sealing' technology to create a bi-directional seal bringing together the simplicity and sealing of a blanking plug and the pressure integrity of a bridge plug without the use of specialist equipment.

"...dependable solutions to aid cost reduction..."

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Working in collaboration with operators and decommissioning service partners, Oilenco are proven to help generate operational efficiencies, supporting P&A activity through packaged solutions.

A common list of tooling within our well abandonment package includes large bore safety valve hold-open sleeves, isolation sleeves, pressure wave valves, hybrid plugs, and scale remedial equipment should there be issues with wellbore access due to scale.

In addition to our existing product portfolio, Oilenco also creates bespoke tooling for abandonment operations. Working in collaboration with a decommissioning service partner, we developed an offset milling solution designed to drill a large hole through a flow target stuck downhole. This allowed the client access to the wellbore to continue with plugging operations.

Further supporting P&A operations, Oilenco can provide in-depth theory and hands-on practical training on Oilenco tools, allowing operators to expand the skill set of existing personnel for their P&A activity, not only reducing cost, but expanding the capabilities of an offshore crew.

"...constantly monitoring industry challenges..."

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Looking to the future, with a substantial volume of well decommissioning projects in the pipeline, the industry maintains a sharp focus on bringing cost efficiencies to every project. Dave Fisher, Business Development Manager comments "Constantly monitoring industry challenges and requirements allows Oilenco to adapt our technology to meet the ever-changing needs of this industry. We have our clients' interests engrained in how we develop our product portfolio. With the capabilities to manufacture, inspect, assemble, test and train, we can work with clients to help deliver cost efficiencies to their decommissioning workscopes."

For further information about Oilenco solutions call +44 (0)1224 548700 or email info@oilenco.com.

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