On the back of a steady growth trend throughout 2017, Oilenco anticipates 2018 as being the year for investment. The increasing demand for improvement in operational efficiency requires the introduction of time-saving technological improvements. In order to accelerate Oilenco’s product development programme a new Mazak multi-tasking 5-axis CNC machining centre has been installed at our Westhill premises.

The Mazak 5 Axis Integrex is an advanced Multi-Tasking machine bringing maximum versatility, high precision and throughput for complex parts. It combines the abilities of a high powered turning centre and a full function machining centre to produce parts in a single setup, thus saving time and reducing manufacturing costs.

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Married with this technological investment is the need for strengthening and developing a dynamic and experienced staff team. Robert Wittershejm has joined Oilenco as a Senior CNC Machinist bringing with him a wealth of knowledge, expertise and over 15 years machining experience.

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