Oilenco have been awarded multiple contracts to supply a package of plug and abandonment tooling to operators and decommissioning specialists across Europe.

A unique tool, central to this package is the Oilenco pressure wave valve, an intervention-free, open-on-demand equalising device. Blair McCombie, Operations Director for the well intervention tooling specialist comments; "since its first install in 2018, the pressure wave valve has built an extensive run history and as a result has become one of the leading remote opening devices on the market."

Set below a plug or packer as part of a system to create a barrier in a well, the pressure wave valve is functioned by applying pressure via a sequence of cycles.

Pwv Production Testing
The Oilenco Pressure Wave Valve

Blair adds; "the pressure wave valve can be configured to allow the user to conduct several pressure tests without unintentionally opening the valve. It can be functioned when required, within a few hours, days, months or even years after installation without the need for dedicated personnel on location, and once open, provides a large through-bore and pump through capabilities without the need for further intervention.

Oilenco has a proven track record in the UKCS, providing reliable solutions for P&A campaigns. With these recent contract wins and ongoing requests from clients and decommissioning specialists, our solutions are becoming integral to P&A toolkits."

To learn more about Oilenco's abandonment tooling capabilities, call +44 (0)1224 548700 or email info@oilenco.com.

This article was published by OGV Energy in August 2023.

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