Expandable Wire Brush

An effective cleaning solution

The Oilenco Expandable Wire Brush allows access through restricted well bores to provide an effective cleaning solution in large bore liners.

The Expandable Brush is designed to provide full expansion as it exits the lower completion and into the liner below. With 360° contact, the brush is used to remove any wax and scale deposits from the liner wall. This will inevitably enhance the performance of bridge plugs and packers whilst also improving cement plug bonding.

No-Go rings are used to retain the brush arms within the body of the tool. When the brush is deployed into the well, the gauged No-Go rings tag a known restriction, such as the lower most landing nipple. As each No-Go ring is tagged, they shift up the body of the tool allowing the brush arms to release. When the tool fully exits the lower completion, the brush arms will then fully expand out to the ID of the liner below.

The brush is then worked up and down to clean the relevant section of liner. Each brush effectively cleans during the downward stroke and relaxes on the upward stroke. When cleaning is complete the tool is then pulled back into the completion, at this point each arm collapses back into its respective pocket allowing safe retrieval to surface.

Expandable Wire Brush Tech

- Simple & effective method of polishing seal bores

- Full 360° coverage

- Wide range of sizes available

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