Wire Wheel Brush

Effective means of cleaning & polishing seal bores

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The Oilenco Wire Wheel Brush provides an effective means of cleaning & polishing seal bores within completion equipment.

The Wire Wheel Brush is less aggressive than the Oilenco Wire Roller Brush and is more suited to fine polishing and smoothing the surface of a seal bore. The routine brushing of seal bores during wireline retrievable safety valve installations has proven invaluable in regaining seal bore integrity.

Each brush wheel contains thousands of very tightly packed steel wire bristles, creating a relatively stiff brush structure. The brush wheels are positioned on the body of the tool so as to ensure full 360°coverage is obtained during every pass the tool makes through a seal bore.

Wire Wheel Brushes are available in a wide range of sizes, from 7” completion seal bores, down to 2-3/8” annulus bores.

Wire Wheel Tech

- Simple & effective method of polishing seal bores

- Full 360° coverage

- Wide range of sizes available

- Virtually maintenance free

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