Gas Lift Package

Gas Lift Package

The Oilenco Gas Lift Package aids the effective removal of Gas Lift Valves that are unable to be retrieved conventionally.

The package includes a comprehensive range of fishing tools that have been specifically designed to operate in very restricted areas such as side pocket mandrels.

Each package typically includes a Micro Spear Kit, Fishing Magnets, a Side Pocket Brush and an Overshot, however each package can be customised to suit the operation.

The Micro Spear Kit is designed specifically for catching very small internal diameters (0.650” – 1.500”) and can be run on a Kickover Tool to fish inside a Side Pocket Mandrel. The spear can be planted into a damaged gas lift mandrel and leave a new fish neck, allowing the valve to be recovered with a conventional pulling tool.

Small diameter magnets are supplied to retrieve any small magnetic components that may be hindering access to the side pocket.

The side pocket brush allows the internal bores of a valve pocket to be cleared of debris or can be used to remove any buildup of scale.

The Overshot provides a means of catching an external diameter or thread, for example where a Gas Lift Mandrel and Latch have become separated.

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