Impression Tool

The Oilenco Impression Tool has an innovative honeycomb core which maximises impression depth and clarity to create high-definition impressions, while maintaining mechanical stiffness. The light-coloured, single-use insert blocks fit are perfect for scanning, photographing or retaining for analysis.

  • Honeycomb backed striking surface maximises depth and clarity of impression
  • Light-coloured impression blocks to enhance photography and scans
  • Rapid change inserts
  • Impression can be retained for full analysis
  • High-definition imprints allow dimensional data to be collected
  • High-temperature variations available
  • Lead-free

The Impression Tool is made up of a common mandrel and single-use, lead-free inserts. When in position downhole a single jar down will produce a high-definition impression in the insert. Once recovered the insert can then be removed from the mandrel and swiftly replaced with a fresh insert. The Impression tool is then ready to be re-run immediately and all impressions can be kept for analysis.

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