In-Line Running Tool - Large Bore Protection Sleeves

In-Line Running Tool

Large Bore Protection Sleeves

The latest Oilenco In-Line Running Tool is now capable of deploying our class-leading range of Large Bore Protection Sleeves.

The tool is ideally suited to subsea well intervention campaigns and can reduce the number of runs into the well. By combining the Oilenco In-Line Running Tool & Drift Tube Gauge Hanger, a single run into the well will:

- Deploy and set the Large Bore Protection Sleeve into the TRSSV

- Continue into the well with the Drift Tube (simulated bridge plug drift)

- Simultaneously survey pressure/temperature at target depth

- Trip out of the well leaving the large bore sleeve installed

Ilrt Lbs

The tool is a natural progression from our existing, field proven In-Line Running Tool and is currently available for both 5-1/2'' and 4-1/2'' Large Bore Protection Sleeves.

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