Dual Bore Brush

Dual Bore Brush

The Dual Bore Brush enables effective, simultaneous cleaning of both seal bores in a dual bore hanger to maintain sealing integrity. The brushes, supplied in stainless steel and brass, provide a non-aggressive polish to the seal bore without depositing iron contaminants.

Each set of brushes are sized to suit the respective seal bore and precisely spaced out so that both bores get a thorough clean and polish in one run. The tool is made up of a series of interchangeable brush rings assembled on one common mandrel, allowing flexibility for different configurations to suit your dual bore hanger. This also allows a tapered effect to be created if required.

  • Cleans seal bores in a dual bore hanger simultaneously
  • Non-aggressive polishing without depositing iron contaminants
  • Modular space out allows the same mandrel to be used for various brush assemblies
  • Non-abrasive to Inconel clad seal bores
  • Maintains integrity of seal bores to optimise sealing capability
Dual Bore Brush Sche


The Dual Bore Brush would commonly be used to clean dual bores in subsea horizontal trees after well intervention activity. Using the Dual Bore Brush ensures the seal bores are free from debris and maintain a good surface finish, allowing the crown plugs to successfully create a seal and achieve a satisfactory pressure test.

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