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For situations where the tubing retrievable subsurface safety valve (TRSSSV) flow tube is suspected of not returning to its original position during the closing of the safety valve, the Oilenco Exercise Tool can be used to add additional mechanical force to assist the movement of the flow tube.

The Exercise Tool provides a means to grip and pull the flow tube within the TRSSSV. By running the tool, additional upward movement can be created to force the flow tube back to its original position. The tool allows for light upwards jarring to be applied directly to the flow tube to overcome any stubborn debris/scale deposits that may be hindering the closure of the safety valve.

The tool uses a series of steel balls that provide sufficient grip to the inner bore of the flow tube without marking or deforming it. Because the Exercise Tool does not rely on existing exercise profiles within the TRSSSV, it offers far more versatility and can suit a wide range of safety valve models from various manufacturers.

The tool incorporates an adjustable no-go ring that allows the tool to be positioned at the exact position within the flow tube immediately above the closed flapper position.

Unique to the Oilenco Exercise Tool is the ability to perform a primary drift run. This setup confirms the tool can successfully set and released without physically gripping the inside of the Flow Tube. Although this can be seen as an additional run, it does provide added reassurance that the Exercise Tool can be located inside the TRSSSV at the correct position and can also successfully release.

Oilenco can supply Exercise Tools to suit most types of safety valves found in 5-1/2” and 4-1/2” completions and have a team of highly competent offshore specialists to support your operations.

To speak to one of our team about the Exercise Tool, call +44 (0)1224 548700, email info@oilenco.com or click the 'Enquire Now' button below to complete an enquiry form.

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