Hot Tap Bleed Down Tool

Controlled bleed down of capillary lines

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The Oilenco hot tap bleed down tool is a simple, effective solution to allow safe and controlled bleed down of hydraulic control or capillary lines whilst under pressure.

The device provides a means of sealing around the conduit whilst performing a hot tap into the pressurised control line. This allows the trapped pressure to be vented safely through the vent port on the device.

Once assembled on to the control or capillary line a pressure test can be performed to ensure the sealing capabilities of the device. The hand wheel can then be rotated which allows the drill bit to penetrate the control line, therefore allowing a safe and controlled vent of the control line.

  • Safe and controlled venting of trapped pressure
  • Manual system using no air of electric power (drill floor friendly)
  • Reduced safety hazards
  • Simple assembly and redress
  • No additional personnel required

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