Coiled Tubing Lock-in Protection Sleeve

Coiled Tubing Lock-in Protection Sleeve

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The Coiled Tubing Lock-in Protection Sleeve shields vulnerable parts of downhole safety valves during coiled tubing interventions.

The protection sleeve is run with the coiled tubing BHA and does not require any additional runs for setting or retrieving. When the BHA reaches the downhole safety valve, the protection sleeve is securely locked in the nipple profile. The BHA continues into the well and the safety valve is shielded from the passing coiled tubing. As the coiled tubing is pulled from the well, the protection sleeve is automatically unlocked and retrieved with the BHA.

  • Protects vulnerable parts of safety valve including seal bores and flow tube
  • BHA diameter is no longer limited by sleeve ID as it does not need to pass through
  • Built-in pads provide robust wear protection
  • Securely locks into the nipple profile to cope with higher circulation rates
  • No additional runs required - set and retrieved as part of the coiled tubing BHA
  • Large through bore with unique design to allow fluid to pass freely through the sleeve Holds open safety valve flapper
  • Carrier mandrel has through bore to allow drop balls to pass
  • Each nominal size of protection sleeve can suit various types of landing nipple profile


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