Intervention Snake

The Oilenco Intervention Snake is a temporary tubing conduit that has been specifically developed to provide a means of bridging the gap across parted sections of tubing. This allows for subsequent intervention runs to be carried out below the depth of the parted tubing.

  • Acts as a conduit between tubing breaks
  • Built-in guide for misaligned tubing
  • Partially flexible design
  • Deployed and retrieved on slickline

The Snake tool has a specially shaped nose-cone system to guide the tool through parted tubing into the lower tubing break. The conduit tubing has a nipple profile positioned at the bottom of the tube into which the guide is installed such that the pointed nose-cone guide protrudes through the end of the conduit tubing.

The conduit is made up of several sections of tubing coupled together with partially flexible unions resulting in a non-rigid tubing conduit string. The length of the conduit string is governed by the parted tubing break. Existing features within the production tubing are used to provide a means of landing the conduit in the correct position.

Typically tubing breaks result in a misalignment between the upper and lower sections of the tubing hence the requirement for a partially flexible tube and nose-cone guide. On completion of intervention work the Snake can be removed by latching into a fish neck at the top of the conduit. Additional features can be added to suit your completion, including ‘no-go’ rings or centralisers.

Intervention Snake

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