Intervention Snake

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The Oilenco intervention snake is a bespoke recoverable tubing conduit that has been specifically developed to provide a means of bridging the gap across parted sections of tubing.

This allows for subsequent intervention runs to be carried out safely through the parted tubing.


  • Built-in guide for misaligned tubing
  • Partially flexible design
  • Deployed and retrieved on slickline


The intervention snake has an alignment system to aid entry into the lower tubing break. A retrievable nose cone guide is positioned at the bottom of the snake assembly, such that the guide protrudes through the end of the conduit tubing and is recoverable, providing a through-bore once the intervention snake is locked in place.

The conduit is designed with multiple 'flex-sub' sections coupled together with partially flexible unions resulting in a non-rigid tubing conduit string. Typically, tubing breaks result in a misalignment between the upper and lower sections of the tubing, hence the requirement for a partially flexible solution. The flexibility of the snake allows it to contour into position and respond to any offset tubing challenges. The length of the conduit string can be adapted depending on the length of the parted tubing break.

Various lock-in features within the production tubing provide a means of anchoring the snake assembly, or if not achievable, a bespoke anchor system can be used, securing the assembly in the correct position.


The intervention snake can be designed and assembled with additional features to suit a completion. These include:

  • No-go rings
  • Bow spring centralisers to help guide the snake through the parted tubing sections
  • Removeable nose cone to create a through-bore for potential fishing operations


To speak to one of the Oilenco engineers about the intervention snake, call +44 (0)1224 548700, email or click the 'Enquire Now' button below to complete the enquiry form.

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